History of Deity & Temple

The Story

It was an argument that who is superior, either 'Shivam' (Lord Shiva) or ‘Shakthi’ (Goddess Parvathi). In order to resolve thus, they performed a dance program at Chidambaram in front of Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Points. While they were playing dance, Lord Shiva was about to be defeated. But knowing fully well Lord Shiva played on "OORTHAVA THANDAVA" i.e. raising is leg above his head. This "OORTHAVA THANDAVA" is one of the posture in the dance. It could not be played by the women folk due to their modesty and shyness. In this Goddess Parvathi could not equally play this posture and agreed her defeat and she was go to the extreme end of the town. In order to contain her haughtiness and to teach a lesson that “Shivam & Shakthi” both are important in our life.

“Mother Shri Thillai Kali Amman” is a deity in anger. This anger was pacified by Lord Brahma by Chanting Veda and also praising her. Because of the penance of Lord Brahma 'Mother Thillai Kali' became Cool. So that Goddess 'Thillai Kali Amman' in this temple seems with four faces. Stone Inscripts : The Hindu 'Choza' periods are represented in the inscriptions in this temple. This temple about construction in the regime of 'King Kopperunsingan'


Chidambaram is otherwise called as "Thillai", Because there were abundant Thillai trees. According the Hindu Mythology if you visit and have a Darshan at Chidambaram you will get salvation from this life (birth). In this holy land, “Arulmigu Sabanayagar” Temple generally known as 'Nataraja Temple' stands unique covering all Epical and Ethical background full of artistic, antique, architectural and historical values. The presiding deity of this temple is “Mother Shri Thillai Kali Amman”. She is known by other names as well “Thillai Amman”, "Vadapathira Kali", “Bhranta Samundeeswari”.

History of Shri Kumar Swamiji

Shri Kumar Swamiji was born on 7th July 1965 for Mr.kandhan and Mrs.ThulasiAmmai at a small village called Bagyanathapuram near Thirumazhapadi, in Ariyalur district, Tamilnadu, India. When he was 7 years old his parents visited to Arulmigu Shri Thillai Kali Amman temple near Chidambaram with him. After the pooja his eyes sparkled like sun. he became unconscious immediately and regained consciousness in 3 minutes back. Later Shri Kumar Swamiji physically felt that he was blessed by some “Supreme Power”. He hadn’t told this incident to his parents. Days gone, because of his family crisis, he went to work as a daily wage labour. A day came while he was working he was thrown from place to place biting his tongue and grounding his teeth by an external vigor to realize him, why the Supreme Power had descended on him and the meaning of his birth in this earth. His co-workers saw his abnormal activities with fear which was happening and they informed this to his parents. After the incident his parents and others realized that a divine force is driving him without his knowledge. After this incident he shared his experience which happened in his childhood when he had gone to the temple of Arulmigu Shri Thillai Kali Amman temple near Chidambaram with his parents. After the above said super natural incidents happened for him. Shri Kumar Swamiji shared lot of his own experiences with the devotees, one among them is – while Swamiji was 20 years old he was taking a load of sugarcane in the tractor to a sugar plant, suddenly the tractor broke down on the way and he tried to re-start the tractor many times. But he failed in his attempts, at that moment; the driver of a tractor which was coming behind was also trying to help him to re –start the stranded tractor but surprisingly, the later started it, and the vehicle functioned without any problem and he abused the former saying that the tractor was functioning without any sort of problem. Shri Kumar Swamiji puzzled and he without delay sat on the tractor and re-started it. It didn’t start. The later too was very much astonished by the incident and asked former (“Shri Kumar Swamiji”) to go home and the later driver helped “Shri Kumar Swamiji” to made alternate arrangements to send the goods to the sugar plant through another driver. After that incident, Swamiji left the tractor job. Then he tried lot many jobs but in all the jobs, he couldn’t able to succeed nor sustained. As the supernatural power of goddess “Arulmigu Shri Thillai Kali Amman” which has been descended on him asked him (“Shri Kumar Swamiji”) to start “fortune-telling” for the devotees, with reference to the below incident spelled from his own words, As said by Shri Kumar Swamiji follows “In 1990 one day the divine power of goddess “Arulmigu Shri Thillai Kali Amman” in me called my mother through me and asked “can you give your son to me” – for that my mother replied “if I give my son to you, what will happened to me and my family” for that the goddess “Arulmigu Shri Thillai Kali Amman” replied “I will take care of you and your family, with my blessings there will be no scarcity for food, clothes, shelter, wealth & knowledge”. Hearing that as per the Hindu ritual, My mother sprinkled water on me and bestowed me to the goddess “Arulmigu Shri Thillai Kali Amman”. As the son of Shri Thillai Kali Amma with her blessings from that year onwards I started fortune-telling to the devotees and fulfilling their desires which they are asking to me”.

From that time devotees started pouring in and the number of devotees coming increased day by day and till date it’s continuing. The existing place couldn’t accommodate the ever increasing crowd of devotees, Shri Kumar Swamiji bought and filled a low-lying land with earth and constructed a thatched-roof temple, continuing his fortune-telling from that place from January 1, 2010. From the donations given by the devotees and donors the temple is getting development till now. Rightly following all the Hindu rituals the temple on 20-02-2011 “Kumbabhishekam” has been done economically & modestly. Notwithstanding that, thousands of devotees participated in the “Kumbabhishekam” ceremony and it was celebrated grandly. A divine incident happened during this “Kumbabhishekam” ceremony. Five minutes before the “Holy-dip” for the deities, 5 kite’s (the vehicle of Lord Vishnu) came from nowhere, Surprisingly 1 kite of them stationed itself approximately 25 feet straight above the deities by flinging its wings and was there in that position for about 3 minutes. The devotees were all enthralled by the incident and everyone was very much amazed by the power of the goddess “Shri Thillai Kali” along with that the “Kumbabhishekam” ceremony came to an end with the blessings of “Mother Shri Thillai Kali Amman” and with lot of Sweet Memories for devotees.

With the Power and Blessings of “Mother Shri Thillai Kali Amman” through Shri Kumar Swamiji’ s fortune-telling, there are lot of miracles happening to all the devotees who coming to her holy place and surrendering themselves in her holy feet are getting their desires fulfill and devotees are personally experiencing till date.

Visit the holy place with true belief and pure heart, all our desires will fulfill with the blessings of “Mother Shri Thillai Kali Amman”